25 June 2010

Orozco at 7:30 in the Morning

k.t. sent me a postcard of Orozco's "My Hands are My Heart" and it is one of three things hanging in this - still new - room of mine. i used to be quick to tack up the same photos that have decorated my various rooms since 1999 but this room is not that. so i hung orozco this time. at 730 in the morning, the sun forces its way through my blinds, and goes straight for the heart.


Cuactemoc Blanco, Futbolista Mexicano

Suerte, Cabron.

Matas, Graham Avenue

tiny kat

From Russia With Love

Bumper Cars Bummer Dave

chicken cutlets, culots, and coney



all natty like, against a tree. no language barriers, or any barriers at all - how i like it.