29 January 2011

the greatest (the greatest fall)

now i feel guarded with my words
because i think i have seen this great thing grow
in really minuscule but evident ways
into the greatest fall known.

el loco / la hermana - modestis, califas

sarita & the fattest - dos mil nueve

la tuya in the booth - san pancho - dos mil ocho

i don't know when i will return to mission street or to any of its side streets to live, or if i will. i guess i knew that then, walking to, and walking from, and on saturday i always expected the same thing - i expected to see the same things, i expected to smell and hear the same things, i knew what i would do before i would do it, i knew it all and i still always wanted the same thing, and i wondered how long it would take until the streets ceased reminding me and would instead begin to be mine, new, now / then, the sun over there made perfect sense; it had its own hue and tone; attitude, as did the wind and the greyish rain and the sea salt residue; the palm trees swayed, keeping time, while i could not.

mah tudes

i've known this girl since i was 7. that is special. fucking special. and according to the cheesy birthday card i got her, we'll be new friends at 90, which is exciting, isn't it? assuming lunacy kicks in. if i have wanted for various things/people in this lifetime, or at present, or then, tomorrow, etc., it wouldn't be surprising. how these gaps in my life have affected me i'm not sure - maybe the therapy will let me know. what i never wanted for, though, was a friend, a best friend, when i didn't even know myself(!?). and we carried on, like a river curving shapes into mountains, like a walking biographer, a gatekeeper, a locket, a velvet room...what i mean is that aside from the some time shit of 'adult hood,' i have always had my girl, and she has always had me. there is power there, between two kids who knew that no matter what went down, who said what, who did what, that there was only always one truth - and that was what tater said to me - about me, about him, about that, or us, or this, and now, or later. and that too, is fucking special.

happy birthday mah tudie!

28 de enero

22 January 2011

schu in snow off of 3rd street

themes in art history

never been a lame /
before the fame / i was the shit /
and now i'm just big /
ya diggg?

angels that look like olive, flowers jj bought kate, what froze

it's like a sandwich of life, no?

the scene (+ yellow safety hat)


you know what it is. 3 houses on mom's block have foreclosed, and only a handful of people i knew on that block growing up are still there, and that - even with a masters degree from stanford - you'd have to worry about your job at the jr. college makes everyone lose sleep. i would commit to this p.o.v., i would and i do and i have and i am grateful for it, sincerely truly true bluely and brightly! as long as i get to photograph it - - and roast a goddamn chicken every now and again.

matty pretending like he wasn't just wearing a leopard snuggie and jj big mouf

polar bears (the club)

coney isle, every sunday at 1 p. it's good for your heart, and you appreciate the sun more. win-win.

Ah Yes, The Ever Elusive Rabbit Seal

for DG, in a less sunny part of the world, where chests are covered in less than gold

sleepy jay, 2

my theory that jay is not unlike a cat smelling peppermints when around a flash is disproven, here, by the inoffensive 2 pm sunday light, diffused by a window...so maybe he just feels that a camera steals your soul, and it does so through the eyes...or he is a very quiet shit disturber, a gentle anarchist - in ruining all the photos i try to take of him.

fair enough, young man, fair enough.

ring around the rosie, pocket full of posies

Kosciuszko Stop

chloe on the boardwalk, my shadow on the boardwalk

19 January 2011

eso oso

ideal dance partner.


work that.

abajo arriba (whepppppppa)

4 things i like

suzy meets the tiger, tupac in the 90s (unlike the covers he graced), and two photographs by this kid named Dan Allegretto who seems to have figured out his flash, how to capture the rainbow in all of its fauna and flora forms, and how to turn his white dog into a white wolf of banal/beautiful myth.

17 January 2011


i know this kid with this familiar face and this familiar hue and this familiar bite,

but all this,
in the unpredictable midst
of this
blue white winter looks ripelike,
nice like,
new stripes like.

16 January 2011

un viernes por el rio tigris...

...estabamos cerca de las montañas taurus, y por el sur de la ciudad elazig...

2nd chances

i like stuffing all the important shit in my pockets, regardless of how tight the jeans are, and i like sleeping with clean laundry around me, unfolded. i like a minimum of 5 pillows around me, i like all the photo books around me in the bed, i like extra comforters at my feet, i like negatives and notebooks, magazines or to-do lists, next to my head as i sleep. i suppose because there is some weight, then, in the space around me...because i stuff my pockets tight, i also drop shit, like this camera, on friday night. as it hit the ground it went off...twice. nothing profound, just never seen shoes from the sole sole angle.

frozen tundra / green freeze

the gold bow

and sometimes, the gold star.

look at my girl, 2

this one turns into a tiger after midnight.

look at my girl, 1

she the youngest one here.

15 January 2011

sos una carne

he's ready

generation media friendly

you know who's ready for their close-up? kids of generation now. shit is stiletto scary.

the youf

aliza eliazarov (Z.Z.V., alizé, lisina) and sarah girner (the great dame, iFuffel) and myself (La Tuya) shot an opening last night for the premiere of a new mtv show. in 1984 it was music television, nowadays the network is a whole other beast and so are the youth. these photos were shot and edited on good karma b/c we adore our friend matthew and because who doesn't like bouncy castles? or coo-rap? moving on, take a look see at these amazeballs photographs.

*i know a little html....


flaco on the llama line
and that night mane of hers
in full swannnnnnnnnnnng...

floors the new walls