27 April 2012

sword fight

© Walter Vaes

i saw a photo of diego's yesterday that was every color of the rainbow, within a certain spectrum of the color wheel. in the general blue spectrum there were rosy clouds, sapphire blues, yellow green trees at dusk, violet streets, and midnight blue.

Mom n' Pop Shop (modern times on the internet)

17 April 2012

art thoughtZ - the tube

© rosalind fox solomon

who began at 38... these two kids, but mostly her smile like a dam about to break is one of those things for which words serve absolutely no purpose. her mouth held, i guess unlike a dam in that it will never actually burst in the frame, but that we know from real time and real experience did, in fact, break. this is a suspension that one cannot keep in love or laughter, most likely, unless yours is as powerful and sublime as the photograph itself.

soñando con © Lalo Borja

'mother and child brighton, 2005' © Lalo Borja

'baby magpie' and others © ola rindal

'3 views of truffaut' © duane michals

how come one sometimes doesn't come across a human like duane michals until now? sheesh.

16 April 2012

california northern magazine - "islands" by richard mills, photos by me

not sure if i ever mentioned or showed the photos from this piece that richard wrote for the magazine Cal Northern. i think of it today because it looks like the story was copied (in essence) with the backing of once magazine and california watch. the photographer is one max something or other, and his photos are on ny times lens blog today. some of the language from the lens blog snippet is a bit close for comfort, but it does not begin to approach the words that richard shaped for the story from issue 2, released over a year ago. he is a phenomenal writer - and i was lucky to be able to collaborate with him. i will try to post an excerpt and more photos on my website in the coming weeks.

araki @ work + giggles (hotlights)

15 April 2012

14 April 2012

tater outside the güggs

we did this a lot. < 3 < 3 < 3 < 3

aurora, viernes el 13

sarita and i got auragraphs in a secret aura location in chinatown. they try to read the colors of your aura, as they correspond to chakras, from sacral root to top and beyond. it begins with roy and ends with violet. i will not go beyond inferring or informing you that mine was a few types of greens and blues, and sarah's was brilliantly and uniformly RED, as if she were at the center of a huge steady blaze, and i were in the middle of the emerald ocean. locura.

my old friend and his tall friend, 1980s

12 April 2012

snake & mousey - © nina katchadourian

allan frias - sexiest mutha en san francisco

allan frias, el super genius choreographer and word smith extra-ord-in-aire, is the genesis of many of my female sensibilities. and in my mid-twenties he taught me how to be a somewhat woman. on social networks, you know, that landscape is sort of a no-mans land if what you normally deal with is movement, music, streets, and people on people interactions. hire him. less LinkdIN than the missing link, himself.

10 April 2012

not orchids, at the orchid show with chlovah

happy 99th birthday to chlovah's grandmom. nice genes, gwah. < 3

el super huevo