25 September 2010

javier c.

former contadina plant worker. resides brette hart district. has not heard of craigslist. but maybe now can sell that thing on his lawn.

el coco loco

21 September 2010

good evening heartbreak

jacqueline torres, my girl, with palomita, hers. portrait and real life talking (squeezing/cooing) coming in december. felicidades mamita.

rooster run

in sum: the rooster would risk everything to avoid confrontation.

Cuerpazo / Temores De...

verde que te quiero verde

19 September 2010

'Angry Self P with Camilo' - © Luis Eduardo Borja

like he was holding a squirmy, indefatigable pup. this face - nothing to be frightened of. i hope to see The Face, and camilo in the next year.

18 September 2010

the latino tom selleck / relax

Blu/sa (blue blouse)


Lee Ell & Matthew

Lee Ellen

bici, lonesome


heart and hearths and hurt and heard / head in hands and heart in sand and blood on sleeves / heart eaters, heat beaters, head readers / heart beats.

pensive burro

unlike all the other burritos i've known...

sun hang

look who's shining again.

sit n' don't fly


5 p, Rouse & Colorado

Miami Sound System

suzy car

Muddy Wah


smoky the burr / tippy tops


ikea jungle fever

Rosario's Wall

Cat Nap

Globo Rest

S. F.Aux