29 March 2012

the swimming hole, 1884 © thomas eakins

Interview for Dossier Journal

collabo alert: Interview for Dossier Journal with German-American Photographer Sarita Girner. shout out to my dear amiga for assistance on the maiden voyage. i hope to be writing more for them and other outlets in the coming months.

cosas que gustan del internet (per my horoscope)

26 March 2012

eighteen hundreds til inifinity

sobre sobresaliendo (© aquiles hadjis)

niño lindo, good people, smart as fuck, all types of worlds, all types of words

25 March 2012

a chef and her jj (working title)

very proud of young JJ for this book he wrote with april bloomfield, chef of 'the spotted pig' and other such establishments. there's more to say. but to start, he worked harder than hell on this project, mostly out of respect for the chef and passion for her genius/foods. he also served as informal recipe tester. the nytimes forgot to mention that jj got april hooked on 'twin peaks,' and that she loves him back. of the movers and shakers and hustlers i know (most of them faux) jj reigns supreme, humble as ever. when he lets me in the kitchen i am honored if allowed to butter a pan; the borja touch has yet to come to fruition. all in good time. proud of jj in every fathomable way one human can be of another.
young JJ!

23 March 2012

21 March 2012

spring baby numero 1 (happy birrrrday schu!)

ye olde flip fone cam from the 2nd coldest winter of my life - happy birrrday to spring baby numero 1, the esteemed sarah schu, a young woman with which i share much and of whom i am quite fond for reasons beyond the usual. we enter aries, she is the first and only aries i ever want to know < 3

21 de marzo, happy sprang.

20 March 2012

19 March 2012

cadi club, pen15 club

apollo, omani

flamingo / a face i've seen

young men i know


© amanda ross-ho

©amanda ross-ho

shaqPanda (19 de marzo)

good lord! and still 3 more birthdays this month. dare i say many good things were born in march? shaqPanda turns another year today, and is older than i was when we met which is satisfying to me for no real reason other than that i can sort of reference a bob dylan song about being so much older then and i'm younger than that now. or some shit. here i am giving you 'bevel.' if you don't know what that is you clearly do not take gay dance classes and by that i do not mean the dance is gay, catch it. giving you bevel. and so much more. love to matty mc d and may he find happiness, love, success, calm, self, and purpose in this life time. not all of us are so lucky. chin chin! and take your face out of that phone i'm chin-chinning to you!@!@#$!@#!@#!@# < 3 < 3 < 3 < 3

*and apologies for looking STRAIGHT. WRECKED. on the plus i did my taxes the next day slash a few hours later.

18 March 2012

16 March 2012

international handsome spaniard day

benedicto's presence spurred me to start writing on walls, on doors, in alley ways, inside bathroom stalls, on tiles, anywhere there was a surface where i could quote or wax or display plumas or make two-tone rainbows out of my colorful heart strings. i consider it a compliment and a testament it's never happened that way since. may i find such inspiration for ridiculous, selfless, defacing - again, and have it be received and given back with a similar selfless, stupid grace. happy birthday gemelo.

15 March 2012

© Jonathas de Andrade

© Jonathas de Andrade, from "Love & Happiness in Marriage"

a short film by joshua goode (happy birrrrday tiny K!)

*brb with actual film*