29 February 2012

© paul kooiker

certainly kookier than me, maybe you, too. oh names. what's in one? hell of a lot. i'm reporting live from the desert. this guy: Paul Kooiker. If he's Dutch then that explains a lot.

baby in the corner

leap day dreams (IPL--->SMB)

28 February 2012

27 February 2012

around the way girl, #4 (brooke)

by nature, she's a crespa, but you know how we always want the other thing. etc.

25 February 2012

24 February 2012

skrillex kitten (thanks A.L.!)

stereo skifcha from xgabberx on Vimeo.

people seem to think i like cats or something, not sure where i got this rep. 00:20!!!

22 February 2012

19 February 2012

18 February 2012

cakes, beso, katz's meat

elizabeth, joseph shooting helicopter

katz's deli, buscemi

v-day, girlcrush

ale is a super woman, super momma, funny, smart, warm, beautiful, trilingual, master chef. i usually only see her on big, red-letter days, like say a valentine's day shindig, where we both found ourselves at the 'paw. at about 1230 am in the middle of a bunch of sweaty attendees she got down on the floor and busted out a dozen or so, on-beat push-ups to ginuine's 'pony.' singular.

15 February 2012

pajarito de paraíso

or according to wordreference.com, ave del paraíso. lo que sea, or as i like to say, like the sea.

14 February 2012

light pink heart on snow © sarita girner

© sarah girner

cannot confirm this is the title, but can confirm this belleza came from someone just as lovely. more soon from both of us, i hope. first we have to go handle our business with a bunch of other big red beating hearts on 5th avenue, across the street from the Associated, close to that coffee shop that tears my insides out and smells like maple syrup, up and down that avenue, which, like many others at this point, houses what has become a huge collection of new york memories. i'm grateful for that. brooklyn wins tonight! of this i'm sure. missing on the dance floor will be the bright and funny jan, who non-celebrates this non-holiday in costa rica, and my m-train crush, who non-celebrates with non-me in his non-jeans. happy ridiculous day! 12 million heart butts to all of you < 3 < 3 < 3 < 3 < 3 < 3 < 3 special valentine shout-out to g. fiorio, who, while still on susy's shit list, we need something from. so get it together fiorio, or i'm coming over on the next flight with the cornianis for the jugular. also filed under certainties: all the ferraris in the world for sarah's talent. also deserving of praise this week, the moon on the 9th, the recently bar and bat-mitzvahed sophie and evan, amber gress + and her old hasselblad, phil breezy's sardonic yet loving grampa-esque support, mcDonough + the Deezle + pesto + life, jessie wender for that wonderful open door, tea, and feedback (NEW YORK!), the highline and the crisp wind that blew the hat off my fucking head, chloe's underground whale-sized geyser of love, the goodes forever, the bed-stuy waldorf school that finally made a good employment decision, gabe and the other young adults with whom i work every month making images from the digital box, but whose visages stay with me most of all, and my legs, two previously made fun of appendages that i now love with all of my heart. eventually we find our center; everything comes from the center.

san balentín: to my j-train girls, and the future

happy v-day, sons
se parece un muppet, no?

13 February 2012

11 February 2012

handsome pop

stolen from Pop's FB page - the idea and notion of which i'm still processing. "sahara marina borja is now friends with lalo borja," it will say. "+1," it will say. i get that i take a lot of things seriously and for some it's no big deal. so it IS a way to see extended family, a way to see those you haven't seen for 15 years, i get it. it is boundary-less, it is that utopia called a world wi/o borders, this is that. borders and boundaries mean nothing if you are not within a few square miles of a person, but i get it, cool. we will now be friends on fb. i will see my father's 'feed' above or below that kid's post about a whole pig he's about to eat with friends in midtown, or that post from ZZK Records about a new ragga cumbia joint, or that photo of my dance teacher's new apartment, etc. etc. etc. -- the profound next to the irrelevant, all on one screen. earlier this week i saw the 3-month-old fetus of a friend of mine on FB, and the week prior i found out that a dear friend's father had passed away at 61, which is too young... so though this trite landscape makes it feel like, no, nothing is sacred anymore, it is obvious so much is. cool. fine. good; this week could not have presented a fuller moon. welcome to pisces, neptune.

important conference call (borja borja borjita, and captain C)

vohn - classiest muthafucker on the MTA

branch 1 branch 2