28 November 2010


mic check, graham 1 / graham 2

disposable cameras are the new 4x5, don't tell rafael gamo.

mather graham steele was conceived off of the montrose L train stop, nearby to this avenue, one of my favorites in brooklyn. it begins on the other side of where diagonal broadway and flushing meet. it intersects with several big streets for me, and extends from boricua to paisano as it moves towards the BQE. the stores on this street are called things like "pretty girl," "it must be," "nuevo leon," etc. the bodegas are red and yellow, and kids get new shoes on saturday. caramel toffee types work the day shift in the stores where they sell sequin one-shouldered dresses, and camel jumpsuits priced at $17.99. men talk loudly on their phones, and someone is always buying a couch. the abandoned lots boast nothing, and the debris on a sunday morning is disgusting, or, for a visual pervert (me) - fodder and food for life!

to stand behind his tattoos

pauly d., brooklyn.

love love,
love love,
love love,
lo que sea, like the sea.

boof patrol, hatorade station

i left the house in a blue sequin hat b/c chloe said it was ok. so goes much of all of it. we acknowledge and pause, analyze and discard, feel a hell of a lot and shit on those who don't. we try to accommodate but stakes is high. we project but not too much. we read signs and respond. we make flags, declaring our own brilliant color and type, hue and texture, and wave them wildly. ok, she is more in control than i am...then sometimes we throw our hands up in the air...sometimes. sometimes...
...and to every venue, house party, opening, booth, dinner party, exchange, we kindly state: "you're welcome." and assume you were not ready to say thank you.


27 November 2010

royalty, and she a mouth like isabella rossellini

across the universe...

...a girl soon turns 30 in brooklyn. elsewhere babies turn into feeling, thinking, powerful, creative types - with personalities that remain fragments and snippets of a larger picture i can't but need to see.

14 November 2010