30 April 2011

T.G.E. #1, #1 Write-Up

hello! nice little write-up and shout out via sarita here: Lenscratch.

27 April 2011

where was B when chloe and i were 14?

having missed my calling, i still maintain this is good FOR TEH KIDDZ. Mrs. Obama and B(eyoncé) have decided that this nation's kids need to move. agreed. you know how i feel about sweat, etc. i will let it slide that the cumbia has been mistaken for a salsa beat here because i love B with all my Tween heart, and that's not the point. however you feel it in you is a gifted, heavenly thing. and for those of you who still cannot do the running man, get it now - LESSGO!

So WHATEVER, we still have role models.

boy and dove on ZZV's wall (year of magical firsts)


well this is a first. Aliza told me this winter she adored the photo "boy and dove" that is floating around my bloggins from months ago. apparently i needed magenta ink to print a black and white negative so there you have it. what a magical first! i am so happy to see it there! i hope dotes and aliza are, too. sheesh. absolute SHEESHERY!

*full disclosure: i believe the wounded bird was a pigeon, not a dove. APOLOGIES. pero dove rhymes con amor, no?

TGE #1

© Sarita Girner (whose blog I made this morning - high five!)

Holy Monkeys! You can preview our lil' zine-a-rooney here. The Gallimaufry Edition Numero 1. Someone in Perth bought an issue. We assume it's one of Sunny's friends because she knows 1 out of 2 people on the planet. Breezy and I are hanging photos (read: velcro-ing to the wall) on Friday. They are LARGE and most likely also in charge. I am grateful to the VII Agency in DUMBO not for Stephanie Sinclair's photos of child brides or for Ron Haviv's - post-Haiti - but for their machines whose inks run aplenty and to our one and only Matthew Mc Teenwolf who is a printing god among egotistic printing gods. You sharpen that grain, my love, you just go and do that. I have never seen my photographs big. In fact, I have seen most of them the way Walgreens does: scanned small res to a cd, handed to me by the kid with the gum issues and the fauxhawk (bless his heart). I am hoping to give JJ the huge art gallery cat photo because aside from my 3rd grade soccer photo I need to be MORE present in their house (no i don't). I like the wall behind its white paws and the way the gato fur is visual texture and viscerally soft. When I think about it, my little art gallery gato goes well with Sarita's shy, beautiful, brilliant peacock in the grass, on page 12. The planes are split similarly, the shapes, were you to squint and make a tracing of them, are echos of the other's echo...echoohce...or so i like to think. We hope not for the traditional clusterfuck on Friday evening but for a pleasant, piquant, promiscuous mingling of like-minded individuals (butting heads and logorrhea usually occurs too, and hey: ain't no shame in it), family members, strangers, and alcoholics (it will be at a bar, afterall). Most likely Breeze will be sipping cranberry and orange juice and meeting people from the ICP's class of 2009...Get it? Let's see, shall we?

cosas que me gustan del www, #13 (what it looks like)

© Camilo Delgado Castilla

22 April 2011

the 20th of april - cruel like you said (T.S.)

silence is usually best. barthes said that the tragedy of death was exactly its platitude. i've never heard a better way to acknowledge both the very real and very surreal nature of death. how ill equipped we feel when acknowledging it. its certainty, whether you lived a long, full life, or ran to meet it, at 41. more thoughts on war photography later. tim hetherington died on april 20th in misurata, libya, along with with chris hondros, a getty photographer. capa's fallen soldier always comes to mind. shooting/shooting always comes to mind. men come to mind. entitlement, privilege, pursuits whether in vain or not come to mind, ego/selfless comes to mind. my twitter and facebook feeds were inundated with "rip's" and "you were a great man, tim" and his good friend wrote a piece for vanityfair.com that was of course, grievous and heartfelt but also expressed a few times whether dying "for" / "in" misurata was "worth" it. as opposed to going out with the berlin wall? or d-day? or !#!#!~??$#???? i don't think he was saying that dying on tripoli street wasn't 'worth' it - - - - but, hm, worth...worth is a hard unit of measurement when talking about death. they don't go. i mean, kids dying by gun fight, not ever 'worth' it. sometimes i think those who take their cameras to war zones, the really intelligent ones, know that photography is a luxury so profound (a "1st world passport" etc.) that the ONLY thing one can do with such a tool is to use it for and/or photograph those for whom no such luxury is afforded. my god...the divide between 'photographers' in general is so great. i'm not even sure tim hetherington was a photographer. he was something much braver than that. is a brave man different from a brave photographer? i have already seen that my best self isn't good or strong enough, sometimes. have you? digesting these certainties, over time - however stubbornly, is like recognizing in the middle of a huge fucking wave that the ocean is supremely powerful. that this is not our element. and that this is not ours, in general. and that treading water or diving under swells only lasts so long. we all come crashing down to find the ocean's floor. sand as hard as concrete, unlike the sifting kind that we remember from our earliest memories. rag dolls, all of us, however brilliant, skilled, beautiful, useless, mean, wonderful, kind, or brave...how did he know it would be just so?

this week was made possible by k.m.b.

shira, city hall, schu

jj/kate, lloviendo un sabado

19 April 2011

kate's grandmother (9/26/09)

cosas que me gustan del www, #12 (my first car)

st. mArks, down for the count, st. marKs

g.i. jacket, retrato, umbrella holder

squat stuffs

Zine - 29 abril 2011

We are very proud to finally birth this beautiful, black and white and color bound beast of a Zine. If you are in New York come to Bushwick on the 29th - I'll be making balloon animals.

La Novia




La Tuya

cosas que me gustan del www, #11 (moreno, amaro, castro, y bernabé)

b brown eyes, as a tall somewhat awkward palm tree in his younger years. he was "just a bit worse" than casillas, the star goalie of this past summer's world cup, wherein spain took the cup.

18 April 2011

cosas que me gustan del www, #10

"Replaced Mona Lisa"- © Mike Ruiz

17 April 2011

time lapse

video still of beautiful, round, apricot-colored baby boy in california, born to the girl (one of the) i grew up with. he was born on july 14, 2009 - not bastille day. that day i sat in redhook with my favorite professor hoping he would be able to solve all of my problems. ha! instead we chose optimism. sometimes i like thinking about dates (birthdays and new years aside) and what each of the same date looked like years before. in this way, i like thinking about and envisioning other julys, aprils, and mays. etc. i say this because from one to the next, they might as well be night and day sometimes, no? there is little planning one can ever do for the various julys, aprils, and mays, but lots of building and lots of plowing. i always forget when there's a full moon but when i say what i say i remember it's a full moon. the way that this beautiful, round, apricot-colored baby boy in california has his hand on sarah's stomach as she films is one of those things that needs no explanation, nor do i actually want to explain in which area/s it touches me. the touch is ember warm, is thoughtless instinct, is simple and profound. some touches beez like that. paw prints on you, smooth and new.

14 April 2011

things i like from the www, #9

© Sarah Girner

La Novia, featured on FlakPhoto.com today, April 14th, as part of the Humble Arts Collectors Guide, etc. etc. et al., etc. This photo was taken as part of the series she began shooting at the ICP, in the Spring of 2009. Her show that April at Pratt was a gorgeousity, and I expect no less in the very very very near future. And after that, too. Peep the greens, the pinks, the raking light, the bright blues, the dewey deers, grapes and glasses in the sunlight, etc., here: Sarah Girner.

things i like from the www, #8

"Zappa and Cat" by Micah A. Zurer, a tattooed smudge face from Brooklyn who currently resides in San Francisco, along those beloved waves and streets and stretches of grass and blue tiles that shape the 7x7. He used to have a huge St. Bernard. That was our last conversation. In the park, by 18th. He likes little dinosaurs and cats (like Araki) but can draw better than 99.9% of us (maybe like Araki, too).

13 April 2011

things i sincerely miss, #1

below the break you move, too. how else would the ocean be?

11 April 2011

enero, enrolladito

on breezy's camera. one tool two people. sharon share alike. godDAMN today was beautiful. i get it: feed em 30 degrees for 5 months and then hit 'em with april. i get it. and i got something for you, too, cruelest month.

09 April 2011

prom dress, webster hall, ice cream heart

magic shoes, east village

sunday morning


this night we acted half our age. left numbers on napkins and walked home with that particular demographic of night owls wavering on subway platforms. everyone on the train at that hour is treating it like their own room - there is no choice. i usually run home, for the last two blocks, to my door, ecstatic at whatever, the dawn, the night, my jog, this girl, etc.

this shiny thing that then floated off

oh deer, interracial happenings, callejera 13

08 April 2011