30 July 2010

jade with eyes closed (a photo not chosen)

i always thought she was a world class beauty. happy early anniversario mike and hermosa. les veo...

26 July 2010

the personal is public

everybody has a goddamn umbrella in this town. thought stealing the toilet's was a bit 'low,' although it did cross my mind. july soaks through every pair of boots i own and if this isn't the same ol' shit, then...

25 July 2010

mirror mirror on the ground

who's the greenest of them all? i'm pretty green...my thumbs're not...my endeavors are, my envy is said to be hued as such, etc.

not good (que cosa?)

fredy 2

24 July 2010



this is the equivalent, photographically, maybe, of an 80s power suit. not so much with the analogies at this hour.

for the great dame

...just because she can make most things nicer than they really are, in some way, with those long beautiful fingers of hers.

suzy mantra

in 2009 suzy was cupid, cupid's cupid, with that full yellow skirt in the springtime...in 2010 she is guru...replete with mantras, an authoritative confidence in her vision, an honesty that bowls us all over...at times she comes with tarts, or pumpkin cakes, or mini pizzas, or plastic red hearts that mean the world to me, real time cards, boxes of blueberries, warmth and faith. phew...today she was sweatin' prettier than anyone else in all of new york city...i stood in a shady corner texting my mother as droplets descended down the back, she yogaed...the whites so white and the browns so brown...the pallet unreal...ugh, it is so easy to be in love with my female friends. teeny, chiquitina, cupid, tiny, guru...she leaves for mantova, italy in august.

subtle bubbles

23 July 2010


...in brighton beach the seagoers seem to forego the towels for standing up on the sand like meercats...today i saw a corpulent broad reading a long paperback standing up...at any one time there will be 5, 15, 20, whatever, people standing up, saluting the sun like sunflowers...we're funny...i like trying to blend in with the sand...

20 July 2010

English as a Second Language #1

Woodhaven, Queens...AKA Cali, Colombia. I was called "T-Shirt" or "Teacher" depending on which student was speaking. This is Jóse. Seriously, though. He has a son. With good manners. Ironically I never approached any teacher of mine ever in any institution after class, let alone walk them to the train. In this instance, I thoroughly enjoyed walking with Jose, at times Fredy, and mostly Francisco, to the elevated J-train on the long commute home...New York sprawls, but at least I speak English pretty.

dr. phil (shit is breezy)

at sunshine's there was a slight breeze / i took a photo of a ceiling / negatives thrive on those around them...

negatives thrive on those around them...

so do palm trees.

i'll stay in new york city, then, and not fret, make cheese, and practice my spanish in queens.

this cup reminds me of williamsburg - every five seconds i'd have a heart attack.

ps naci means: "i was born."

buuurgia, and your other 4 fans in nyc.

from chloe to me


16 July 2010


as far as i'm concerned, tillmans, barber, shore, etc., should be pleased to keep company with HER. please observe this issue and observe her refined pallet and estilo. egads : got enough style to start THREE fads: http://www.viceland.com/int/v17n7/htdocs/index.php?page=44

here's sunny baby with her sister. i stole this photo whilst making myself at home at shokrae enterprises HQ.

the sunshine only knows how to do one thing, no?

11 July 2010

10 July 2010


moriquis fritis

went to see 'Restrepo.' this was outside the movie theater. i hope he fought the good war, and never shot at any one with a semi automatic. that chance is slight. conversely, if he was sent over there just because, or because of nothing, i hope he made it back home, in tact, to moms. and anyway at some point we all fall out of the goddamn tree. belly up. no doubt.

calm clam

Helado Abuela

Grams coolin' out...

hot as fuck

so the dominicans screwed off the fire hydrants, and started charging people to come through and get soaped and soaked. riding bikes through the urban waterfall was free...as per the always.


if i had asked him to face me he would have been putting the swimmers at an even greater risk. i do what i can, peoples.


beach mata (or, beach kill).

josé selling water on the beach

he had just purchased a canon but his first roll of film had come out terribly. i spent about 10 minutes trying to explain in spanish how the iris and the shutter worked in tandem and like an eye, on a sunny day...or at night...hope he doesn't take my advice.

with a hat to match


paddle handed muhfuckas

i knew a kid had paddle hands. i loved them from afar and near and wanted a lot from them. i considered them their own entities. i wish they were, considering. i called the entirety a 'paddle handed muhfuckah' and i called his feet prehistoric. the entire entity wasn't into names, so much...so it goes.

this pair belongs to the wonderful breeze and his ladypartnerwomanlove, laura. they just moved to LA. The 4 people he kept in touch with from NY are all experiencing their own types of breeze-less life adjustments. 4 for 4 is a good batting avg., breeze.

sits with fists.