27 March 2011

right through the back (but god bless you)

it comes out the front and forward into the next. i would assume. if knives were a continuum. i always wonder if my lines are being used on the next pear shape? broadway in bushwick is a beautiful, i assume diagonal line, that goes south east? i equate it to market street in san francisco, minus the "broad" aspect of it. above it the j-line, below it, the shadows of these lines, the crosswalks intersect broadway, newly painted, bright white...almost every other block is home to a type of church...a little, usually hand-painted iglesia...of what denomination i'm not sure - they all look the same to me. earlier this week, on my way to the train, bright butterscotch early, i got the following from a middle aged man: "god bless you ma..." which i presume is the new "hey ma" - - - we agree that's more polite? today i was standing outside of a muraled lot, waiting for this 10 year old kid named daniel to toss up his baseball and bat it onto the mural...his father yelled "dale daniel!" from the driver's seat, and to me he said, "god bless you." i said "thank you" because i don't know for sure if jesus christ feels the same way about daniel's dad. i only see jesus in botanica stores down the avenue, scattered about in my profanities, or when i see a kid playing stick ball by himself in brooklyn in some sunset light somewhere, and even then, i probably only said "jeez."

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