05 July 2012

j-5 / mini explosions

usual things. goddamn was it hot yesterday. not a good day for food. how dare you eat fried chicken today. how dare you! not a good day for anything other than sweat down your back and swiping brows and fanning selves and champagne and rooftops and music and brooklyn really shined toniiiiiiight! last night. image: s2nd and wythe, the guy next to you is too sweaty and he's dancing with his shirt off, he is beyond sweaty sweat it is like slime when he slips by you and also you don't care. the floor is shaking. floor boards are being worked. outside, people lean into each other and put their plastic cups of whatever into the raised vegetable beds and air kiss goodbye b/c the shit is gross out but everyone looks younger and dewey and alive. photo friends meet college friends and it used to be an issue but now i know the best of worlds will know how to collide. we are all just 1 degree of separation from eachother anyway in brooklyn, brooklyn the world. a couple makes out in the corner and someone a block away pops off some fireworks and everyone still cheers though they are duds, they still do a 20% job and that 20% is nice tonight. d's friend stands in front of us and with our eyes we see the shadow of a flower from a raised flower bed on her smooth pocahontas chest and we both say, wait!! don't move!! d flashes her chest instead and now he has a blown out photo of his old friend's perfect chest, and i have a black frame of nothing though we both know we saw it. neither of us could capture the shadow of the flower on her dark chest on the dim deck and no one wants to carry a camera around anymore b/c we all shoot fruit now, don't we. captain america above is the sweetest boy in the country, his accent charming and all the girls have loved him since 1st grade, and it was because he could not love them back. mami laced up her laces in celebration, every hydrant was open, and i hope you, too, wore your SPF - el sol no juega. for the record, people really do wear red, white, and blue on july 4th. really surprising! i did, too, but by accident. it's just that on most days i find myself in red shoes, so...

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