02 October 2012

joder, tia (© shirana shahbazi)

one of the 873 things i enjoy about Ms. Shahbazi is her sort of all-around excellence. that sounds stupid, maybe, but what i mean is that regardless of the tendency of a lot of 'contemporary' stuff to clump it all together and call it a mis-matched-and-therefore-matching day, each photo usually does not hold up alone. she is excellent - and i use the word deliberately (it is a simple, solid word) - because she is where image execution is concerned. it sort of feels like that, too. like a mission to execute an idea, very deliberate, obsessive, as perfect as one could be. controlled. in looking at her work i feel like i'm walking over a really strong bridge, or witnessing someone build a really well-stacked tower of jenga blocks. part of the the dance going on these days with 'pictures' involves a lot of smoke and mirrors, literally. shahbazi, 1 person 234023423408 immaculately executed ideas, falls into a different category, though she touches on a lot of what we're seeing these days. seeing too much, i think. i don't give a fuck about your bright colors or empty scenes, but if ms. shahbazi has these things to show, i am looking. as i am wont to say these days where excellence is concerned: shirana shahbazi can do whatever. 

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