01 January 2013

santa cruz a past july, things i give away

i got rid of this dress just because, i think. i get rid of shit without thought, without organization, without thinking that i will miss it, without wanting to miss it, in fact, acting as if i do not need it at all. i never look back - i give things away and i never think about them again. i like releasing things. i like the idea of things coming and falling through my fingertips for just some short amount of time and i like to test myself, seeing if things matter to me or do not, if i am that materialistic or am not, if all i need is what i have, or if not. of course this does not hold true for things that take a long time to 'acquire' - a hasselblad, a beautiful bike, shoes that make you feel like a 5th grader for how much you want, a crush you've had for 10 years, etc...this M.O. proves heartbreaking when we're talking about things like money..."things like money." more than that, the whole condition suffers, but ok. i guess they are all the same in the end.

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