26 July 2009

Wealthy, Bronzed, Beautiful Women...(how they shine)

And they were all in one room. It was almost too much color for ME...AL-Most...What was beautiful about the women was their physical singularity. Granted, the veils and the language, the food and the body language united them for perfunctory purposes, but their faces liberated them a bit and allowed them to be unique beings in the presence of each other. For a culture / religion as uniform as Pakistani-Muslims, this strikes me as a secrete or inadvertent genetic resistance...In a sea of veils, how can I shine? Some looked like boriquas, some looked Indian, some looked Persian, some looked Siberian, ONE looked like she belonged on the cover of a book of fairy tales from 1234 AD...plump beige cheeks with a timeless hair quaffe, berry lips and cucumber green eyes. Ridiculous. She gave me face for a few seconds because she knew that in that sea of veils, she was...This was not that woman, nor are there veils visible here...I'm keeping the cucumber eyes to myself until further notice.

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