07 September 2009

Pantless: PANTERA

Ironic because when I first met Filipo B Pantera he was wearing pants. Jeans. Stylish, European jeans. I did a double take. Them shits is 24" x 24" I thought! And so, I got to know Pants...Pantera is a fantastic last name: how will he grow into it ? Will he fulfill its promise and prowess ? If he does justice to the name as he does his jeans, I would indeed put my money on the boy...Filipo has huge green eyes and a sweetly chiseled face...he has wavy locks aka windblown-bed-head and wears this t-shirt with cassette tapes on it that i love that always seems to be off...by...the...end...of...the...party...He shoots a lot of 4x5 and wears leather like he's Keith Richards...I am getting the sense that to come from a place that birthed Masaccio, Brunelleschi, Buonarroti, TITIAN!, Ghiberti, Caravaggio...you are born with swag...the leaning tower of pisa he.is.not....see: il Duomo---that shit is SOLID...perfection.

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