16 September 2010

Not To Mention This Slight Breeze

© Phil Brown

...that he caught a bird in mid-flight is not what is appealing to me about this photo. it helps, but... at the end of 2008 i didn't understand what it was brownie was shooting or seeing. the things, tyrannosaurus-sized buildings, blinding aluminum car doors, garish steel pipes, wide, wide, wide, wide scenes of concrete and roads. not a human in sight. if it had a face it was from 50 meters away, or it was echoes of humanity - a jacket on a fence, some gloves, a skeleton on a door step! i thought at first he was disconnected from living in some way but to be so naively associative was my own mis-projection. the cats get front and center, he is always seeing birds - in flight or in repose - and he is always looking three hundred and sixty degrees around his heart center...this is how i know he's a secret optimist, living, humbly. his photos are crystal clear.

this L.A. is his l/own/ly.


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