17 April 2011

time lapse

video still of beautiful, round, apricot-colored baby boy in california, born to the girl (one of the) i grew up with. he was born on july 14, 2009 - not bastille day. that day i sat in redhook with my favorite professor hoping he would be able to solve all of my problems. ha! instead we chose optimism. sometimes i like thinking about dates (birthdays and new years aside) and what each of the same date looked like years before. in this way, i like thinking about and envisioning other julys, aprils, and mays. etc. i say this because from one to the next, they might as well be night and day sometimes, no? there is little planning one can ever do for the various julys, aprils, and mays, but lots of building and lots of plowing. i always forget when there's a full moon but when i say what i say i remember it's a full moon. the way that this beautiful, round, apricot-colored baby boy in california has his hand on sarah's stomach as she films is one of those things that needs no explanation, nor do i actually want to explain in which area/s it touches me. the touch is ember warm, is thoughtless instinct, is simple and profound. some touches beez like that. paw prints on you, smooth and new.

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