27 April 2011

TGE #1

© Sarita Girner (whose blog I made this morning - high five!)

Holy Monkeys! You can preview our lil' zine-a-rooney here. The Gallimaufry Edition Numero 1. Someone in Perth bought an issue. We assume it's one of Sunny's friends because she knows 1 out of 2 people on the planet. Breezy and I are hanging photos (read: velcro-ing to the wall) on Friday. They are LARGE and most likely also in charge. I am grateful to the VII Agency in DUMBO not for Stephanie Sinclair's photos of child brides or for Ron Haviv's - post-Haiti - but for their machines whose inks run aplenty and to our one and only Matthew Mc Teenwolf who is a printing god among egotistic printing gods. You sharpen that grain, my love, you just go and do that. I have never seen my photographs big. In fact, I have seen most of them the way Walgreens does: scanned small res to a cd, handed to me by the kid with the gum issues and the fauxhawk (bless his heart). I am hoping to give JJ the huge art gallery cat photo because aside from my 3rd grade soccer photo I need to be MORE present in their house (no i don't). I like the wall behind its white paws and the way the gato fur is visual texture and viscerally soft. When I think about it, my little art gallery gato goes well with Sarita's shy, beautiful, brilliant peacock in the grass, on page 12. The planes are split similarly, the shapes, were you to squint and make a tracing of them, are echos of the other's echo...echoohce...or so i like to think. We hope not for the traditional clusterfuck on Friday evening but for a pleasant, piquant, promiscuous mingling of like-minded individuals (butting heads and logorrhea usually occurs too, and hey: ain't no shame in it), family members, strangers, and alcoholics (it will be at a bar, afterall). Most likely Breeze will be sipping cranberry and orange juice and meeting people from the ICP's class of 2009...Get it? Let's see, shall we?

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