15 May 2012

2 of these 4 for Breeze, a new resident of San Pancho, Califas

Some of us suck at the phone. Here's to the 1 of us who is not me for whom that statement might relate :-) smiley face emoticon. Two of these four are for Breezo, an Englishman in San Francisco. What does an Englishman do in San Pancho? Does he look up Paul Fusco? Does he walk down Geary Street? Does he step over crack viles in the Tenderloin? Does he bask in Dolores Park? How many streets in SF did I leave unexplored? (Answer: 2). Do we meet in the outerspace space of overlapping time? Does he feel the same way about Lilac and LaPidge Streets as I do? What about Capp? Harrison? Chavez? Fillmore? Stanyan? Maiden Lane? Potrero? Guerrero? Valencia? Alabama? Does he find the illest noodle spot without any assistance? Does he tan to the overcast grey fog of mostly every morning of every day? Does he find 24th Street and meet my spirit there? I hope so. So many questions. One of the United States' huger problems is the distance between California and New York, and the amber waves of grain that separate it.

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