03 September 2012

mis pelirojos

i'm laboriously working on my laborious fulbright application. i wonder if i'll be awarded one. laboriously fitting, since it is labor day. i recently began thinking about the early 30s as tumultuous a time as the terrible 2's, or adolescence...is there evidence to back this up? i also began reading a book loaned to me by JSV, one that i should have read in 2004 but as always, i have my own rhythm and nothing is ever forced; the sand settles as it always has. fine. i'm not mad. i moved yesterday to a lovely street (lemme upgrade you) to a small room that has two windows overlooking whatever. by that i mean it only matters that i am not facing the street, because i can take the sanitation trucks no longer. i slept better than i have in a month and for that i am so happy. i know the bouncer at my favorite bar on starr street (he got half an MFA but had to drop out to support his daughter), i know the makers of the tortillas down the street, there are arepas to be had a few blocks down that come venezuelan approved, a hegdish of a hassidic furniture store that sells overpriced chaos, a solid laundromat that shows the likes of 'the professional' while your undies tumble dry, and the twosome known as Vilma and Saul, whose cat Lola, next door, has a little black chin on a body of all white... in general, there is the sense that where i once tread by accident was meant to be a place of semi-permanent treading, now. if i ever had my heart broken on starr, say, i should go back, instead, to find the opposite, if not a bit taller. that is how these things work.  above, my favorite redheads, sarah and her boys. sarah and i used to stand on the bathtub when we were 10 or so, and turn our asses to the mirror and squeeeeeeeeeeeeze 'em tight to make asscheek dimples. i hope that she comes to see that we were, for reasons like this and a hundred others, placed next to each other during our most formative years by the cosmos because we each had something to gift the other. if we didn't see it then, perhaps we try to do so now.

feliz cumpleaños copper penny o' mine - 31 de agosto

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