21 September 2012

salt flats, new hip-hop lexicon

i'm not sure i've seen any imagery as of late that has made me as happy as this video. rapeando desde argentina, pero tambien parece partes de bolivia (salt flats?). unmistakable bolivian hats, wools, and colors but ON BMX BIKES, this face below with a new york attitude, this girl in the middle who is equally comfortable rapping in front of an alpaca, with some abuelitas, as she is in door-knocker earrings and fake-ass dreads over a baggy outfit. UNNNNNNNNNGH, MATANZZZZA!! i am so happy to see this. spanish rap is no new thing, nor is spanish rock. but sometimes these things strike a chord, and we identify. you could say the right verse to the wrong person, right mikey? or you could say the right verse to the right person, and therein lies the joy. since when do we create for everyone everywhere all the time? we don't. 

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