25 March 2009

The Disposable

I see a lot of this kind of shit in 'art' school. Not all of it is shit. Much of it (the who and the when and the why matter, too, of course). I mean, the snap, you know, mattress against big blue eyes, with little regard to why / sans context / disposable camera / flash on camera. Trends, man...like the fucking female magazine world...I've been reading the same magazine since I was 13. Same applies to art trends, yes? Or maybe I'm just jealous because I haven't figured out how to light, yet...and strobe creates all these definitions/lines/borders that makes (darkroom) printing a dream. Also, outside of the color darkroom (where's the safe light, she says...), I see a lot of students fretting over the color of their shoes, when they shouldn't be wearing them in the first place...Like this photo maybe...monochrome, maybe a little magenta...but why even look at it? Why are we fine tuning it when it shouldn't even be looked at? No? Then again, LIKE I SHOULD BE TALKING...I spent an hour last (hungover) Sunday developing a roll of 3200 film I'd had since February only to switch the chemicals and emerge with nothing but the memory of snapping those 36 frames. Interestingly, I have NO clue what was on that roll...(memory / regret / forgetting / oblivion / history: discuss)...

If a roll of film gets destroyed in the forest, did you really live what was on those frames?

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