29 March 2009

JJ Diamonds Channels Cali (Sabina/Beto/Lalo '81)

I asked for some carrot and he gives me this instead. You know this young man, the self-made writer who started humbly (but wholeheartedly) in Poughkeepsie as an intern at the Poughkeepsie Journal...from chicken wangs and bbq sauce to boulud and amuse bouches...it's all the same, really, but he can describe it MUCH better than you or I...JJ and I have a happy jade garden that we tend to as much as possible, given the nature of this year for me... There is a photo of Pop, Sabina, and Beto holding a knife and cilantro in Colombia in 1981. The three of them are beautiful Borjas / siblings / disconnected/ connected only by blood it seems / and thousands of photos. Pop is wearing a red shirt in the photo, and all three have hair blacker than jet.

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