29 August 2011

self publish be borja (SP/BB)

9/13/11 - last night there was a full moon, there was a full moon and all of it was in pisces. chloe and i saw it together from sterling and park place, off of franklin. it was warm yellow, like an off-white candle. i lay on the hardwood floor, admiring her handy work around the new apartment! we read, ate, drank, i rode, showered, slept. self publish be scrappy . this blog sees a few things, peoples, opens its arms to a lot of 'types' (there is no one type that is the beauty!) and to tater i say you are right, it is a field with no finite spaces...she did not win over my loss! goddamn, tater...sometimes i feel like a stray cat who found a home at 30 sometimes like i had a home just once sometimes like i saw my home off on a plane sometimes like this is home itself and so in that respect i guess you could call me a landscape photographer. actually, don't call me anything, just from the airport if you need to. somebody was born today i'm not sure who, though...i know i'm missing sommmmmmmmmmeone...que si, que si! y a veces, que no.

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