27 August 2011

for my wonderful friend sarita (everyone g.f.y.)

bite like a rottweiler, demeanor like grace kelly. i would say to her that on those afternoons where i write her things that hint at the pathetic: i know she catches it, mulls it, prays on it, and tosses it back out into the universe where i know she wants me to be, too. then i get up, leave the desk, and ride free to wherever i'm going, with our prayers in mind. prayers in a non-denominational way, of course. that makes sense. everything tbd, obs. its 2011 and erb says life is tbd, and that i hate people or situations i can't control. erb says that if my arrow has been shot in one direction, it doesn't mean i get shot in the same way. f usually stands for fuck. g usually stands for go. tiny sooz says lig, sarita says ftg, kt says ubw, and in the end, pma means nothing where pms, ocd, fhb, faw, lstbd, wwibf, is concerned, youknowwhatimean, jelly beans? i got your abreevs r.h., kid, rrrrrrrr hhhhhhhhh...irene viene; pero nbd bc she's just that brilliant typhoon of a woman who lives with sooz on s. 5th street. women are forces of nature, right? typhoons dudes, raincoats are for prudes.

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