08 August 2011

el indiecito (beto borja, nat'l water polo team, 1971)

it delights me to no end that paula catalina, my 18 year old cousin in cali, has written me...however small the note! i have all but given up on the other side of my family, where communication and friendship and anything related to "family" is concerned there is a bunch of "time bombs" and pride, hurt, refusal to accept, or mend - the brilliant and loving sylvia and my baby uncle evan aside...i'm sorry, but there it is. we don't have time for 25 year silences. i believe in taking initiative, but if i grew up before your eyes, it is YOUR initiative. my cousin paula, in reaching out, has no idea how that makes me feel but i will start telling her. i write in english, she in spanish. her father, the beautiful indiecito, pop's younger brother, can be seen brooding in all three of these photographs. campeones, somos campeones...

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