14 September 2011

best boy in the history of best boys (HB, JJ)

14 sept 2011. dearest jj, the story is that some of us are more professional than others, so if you have a well-to-do website featuring adults who cook, don't link here, to where you will see a younger, carefree version of yourself hiding behind nuggets of la yerba buena, ogayyyy papi? the other story is that one night, in early 2000, sarah t. fell asleep after a heavy night of whatever. the young man and myself escorted her home to our dorm where she proceeded to fall asleep on the couch. a rigorous soccer practice preceded her drinking, and there you have it. before she fell asleep, she had promised us a pizza. so the young man and i fumbled in her desk and wrote ourselves a check for $7.00 to Napoli's Pizza, in Poughkeepsie, NY, signed yours truly, sarah t. The young man wears my sweater, from the GAP, 1999. We were evolving you see, from abercrombie hats and armani exchange to softer t-shirts, and bigger curls! some of us, at least. some of us take a bit longer, some of us grew up because the day called for it, some of us sought out those days, some of us hide with 25 year olds, some of us mingle but feel alone, some of us still study, some of us own houses, etc. etc. etc...you can be all of these things, 14, 15, 19, 24, a beautiful 30, whatever, now, you can be all of these things because they come with you - in a really superb and singular way. there isn't any shame in anything you do and i love that. in a room of 30 year olds i feel 18, and i need to be in your corner. HB, JJ.

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