18 September 2011

mr. foo, , Per @ 25 by M. Monteith, suzy/cupid, aliza's show

this week took me backwards a bit, but what's nice to see is that some of this shit/people i thought i'd just be wading through has/have actually stayed with me, and vice versa. those are called good peoples, i think. the rest is hard to let go of; when i actually try, i succeed for 2 seconds and in my chest it feels like fresh oxygen trying to push through, like i was given 3 extra lungs, like a free fall, like how it would feel to be a long distance runner at 90 pounds, light weight, light weight, light weight...i like it, and i realize that the cling is exactly how it's called - dead weight. it's not that serious, like my profe says, it's not that serious. photos are just reminders, that's all. we can look or we can look away.

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