27 September 2011

twinsies (not really at all) + hurricane irene black cat

when i am walking and i see a cat about to cross in front of me i hurry up; i'm serious. the other day i wondered if it's just black cats that are supposed to bring bad luck? que tal racistas!!! or if the same superstition applies to white cats, too; not really sure, because the point is that life is getting weirder and i feel like i come across a relatively large amount of street cats (including white ones) and so to them i say "no i don't think so" and scurry around or to the side of them or beat them to our imaginary intersection. there are a lot of things at my cross roads right now; for you, too? see how ms. walters wears this white dress? she does so with black cats at her own feet, so as to avoid all of that.

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