03 October 2011

la mas fragante que cuidé

doty took my senior photo this weekend, embracing a tree, the 3/4 backwards glance. was good. he also kicked our asses at scrabble. though i started it with the word "staid" he fucked us up with 176 points by the end; i was waiting for "quiz" - but only found "glam" and "date" and words like that throughout the game. aliza got bonus points for "vag" and then doty tried to get points for eZine. pretty progressive. we kayaked; the best thing i've done in the past few months. doty cooked us every meal, including israeli shochsukha or some arrangement of eggs in tomato sauce, but didn't eat anything that would impede the non-fat diet he's been on for a few weeks; that kid has willpower, lots of it. steely dan, you could say. on saturday he found a frog, on sunday i found a slug. he wore aliza's capri pants around the house, which she loved when she wasn't loving the 3-month old in the house. aliza and her niece are the same hue - clearly and powerfully from the same tribe. on the glass lake we sat with our kayaks touching bows; there was as much above as there was below, and infinite from right through to left...bright blues and dark greens, like an L.L. Bean ad. during the hike i saw a slim tree drooping from trunk to tip in a beautiful arc the shape of a rainbow, and i said 'treebow'! because i think everything out loud, and later realized that's why rainbows are called like they are. tomorrow i'll call doty and aliza to hear their voices and such.

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