14 October 2011

rosa plant - santa cruz, califas

today i ruled out tattoos, thought that i would never side with the rich even if i married a rich man (ha ha!!!), had a lovely man tell me "remember! your winter coat is sleeveless AND a mid-driff" while my shoulders strained with 8-lb weights, and organized the fuck out of my negatives. of the 9 wrong rolls of film i brought to the icp last night here is 1 right one, with thorns, red, and blue, and sun, and everything. beyond that, the space around this photo stretches from 1994-2011, but you don't get to see all of that. of the 35 mm rolls, i cannot even begin to see what i have. my workflow is unparalleled. i throw out negatives, i do. out with the old, out muthafucka.

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