25 January 2012

with the girls

even at this age, and from behind the lens, two things that make me practically invisible to them, you can feel the intricacies of the interpersonal landscape that belongs to these girls. at this age, it's like, like, like, like, kind of invisible, hard to see, though the landscape is overwhelming, kind of like, heated, like, overheated, yes, an overheated greenhouse in the middle of an east coast summer, or something, like...a kind of invisibility weaves these girls together, though traces of everything, of the move, of thoughts or private opinions, judgement or envy, adoration, etc., can be seen by simply letting your gaze lag, then just fall behind in conversation, just look at the faces during the pauses, or follow the darting of eyes from target to audience and back to target again, or watch how definite the change in expression is, when you have turned, and gone.

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