19 March 2012

shaqPanda (19 de marzo)

good lord! and still 3 more birthdays this month. dare i say many good things were born in march? shaqPanda turns another year today, and is older than i was when we met which is satisfying to me for no real reason other than that i can sort of reference a bob dylan song about being so much older then and i'm younger than that now. or some shit. here i am giving you 'bevel.' if you don't know what that is you clearly do not take gay dance classes and by that i do not mean the dance is gay, catch it. giving you bevel. and so much more. love to matty mc d and may he find happiness, love, success, calm, self, and purpose in this life time. not all of us are so lucky. chin chin! and take your face out of that phone i'm chin-chinning to you!@!@#$!@#!@#!@# < 3 < 3 < 3 < 3

*and apologies for looking STRAIGHT. WRECKED. on the plus i did my taxes the next day slash a few hours later.

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