25 March 2012

a chef and her jj (working title)

very proud of young JJ for this book he wrote with april bloomfield, chef of 'the spotted pig' and other such establishments. there's more to say. but to start, he worked harder than hell on this project, mostly out of respect for the chef and passion for her genius/foods. he also served as informal recipe tester. the nytimes forgot to mention that jj got april hooked on 'twin peaks,' and that she loves him back. of the movers and shakers and hustlers i know (most of them faux) jj reigns supreme, humble as ever. when he lets me in the kitchen i am honored if allowed to butter a pan; the borja touch has yet to come to fruition. all in good time. proud of jj in every fathomable way one human can be of another.
young JJ!

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