05 March 2012

young raps old steez © http://proera.tumblr.com/

these kids, from brooklyn, are about it. they made me feel like i was listening to raps for the first time again. like when i heard nas' train above passing over tracks, to the beat. to the beat. to the beat. un petit rrrrrrrrrrrrrap renaissance. progressive era they say, P.E., they say, public enemy, you know? we read that. no tricks or nikki minaj mirages or weezy or the insufferable drake (INSUFFERABLE) and obviously i don't know them, so i just hear really good beats and dudes being young, and rapping about tricks. a few twitter and fb references but it's 2012. also what does it mean to be 17? no fucking idea. this post is for me. i can reminisce whenever i want.

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