29 August 2009

POOKA (mirror)

I went to the beach a couple of Thursdays ago. Waiting for my girl Paulina. She was a few hours late. I took a stroll around the carousels and popped into a few photo booths. I needlessly spent a couple beans on a few photos of yours truly. I tried to keep the same face. But found that different thoughts produced different faces. Not a new idea. So on that note I took one of my torso only, t-shirt design/message visible only...One came out that I thought was tolerable. I gave it to Daddy Longlegs later that day. I thought he would like an image of me where my head / face were not visible. I would never assume this mug is one he would want to look at every day.

Regarding these two women: they don't know eachother. They were on different planes that day...their entire existences, actually...but for a second they were on the same continuum.

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