20 August 2009

This Lovely Gust of Wind

Last Monday we went to the beach, Chloe, lil' D, her friend, and I...We went in a Benz...a huge sedan with ample leg room. I sat in the back, windows down, watching Flatbush turn from the park to Lefferts to the concrete malls of Kings Plaza and finally to the beach...along Flatbush I counted 2 establishments named S-A-H-A-R-A...obviously dealing in pita bread and tasty snacks...maybe there was a palm tree or two on the awning...etc. We arrived quietly and set up a bedouin-esque area neatly, smoothing out our blankets and anchoring down the corners with shoes. We applied sunscreen ("...You put it on like my grandmother, Sahara!"), let it dry, then walked to where the waves settled into wet sand and stood there letting it lap at our hot, hot feet...we spoke momentarily about the week's events, the job struggles, our friends and general moods / interactions, the cowardice of males, etc., the usual...but we tossed all that to the side and decided instead to be happy then and now...and now...as if happiness came from you know where...and so we cavorted with lil' D deep in the waves like content, healthy happy gals...this was perhaps the truest thing I've done all summer...we slammed into every wave that came our way...we carried chloe to safety from a school of 3 mm jellyfish...we dramatized how amazing a not-so-amazing wave was, we ducked under huge waves hoping our bottoms didn't fall off...we stood there and slapped the resting water, making that familiar, satisfying sound...we wiped salt from our eyes and got taken under by the next wave while doing so...in the end, 2 out of 3 of us were snapped at underfoot by what we THINK was a female crab named Mrs. Claws...we couldn't be sure, though, beyond sensation...as most of us was hidden as well, underneath the opaque, teal atlantic...not a merman in sight...

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