03 November 2011

breezo, 2.0

last night breezo and i chatted via skypeola (see photo) while i spilled tortellini down the drain, fearing i would get another note from my roommate telling me to not do exactly that. anyway, london is in his future, and though it may be hard to see whilst IN IT, he's covered a lot of ground [in timberlands or via bike tire, also photographically]. see new breeze here: phil breezy. i'm partial to the canada shit (ryan gosling and i were both born in ontario thank you you're welcome) such as the motorcycle and the wide open roads and this contemporary thing (a type of distance/a type of photographically aware gaze) is happening that i'm not sure breeze is aware of but he is in fact a contemporary (and also contra: a cynic/a classicist) so if you HAD to place him, a modern tag makes sense. his "vacancy" sign works for me in a way many photos-i-must-read do not, and in an overt/covert kind of way. blows me away! and harkens back to ye old 1930s photographers - you know i'm right. i suppose that it 'blows me away' wouldn't make it subtle, by any means, but i call it so, maybe 'cause the i know the dude himself, and because there is so much intellectualizing and pomp in photography today that work like his seems grounded, decent, and humble. a man could use the phrase "faffing around" however often he wished if his shit was solid like, like this.

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