03 November 2011

pants interlude (@mtv)

my memories of "acting" include my 4th or 5th grade stint as a "madre" aka i was typecast as a MARM b/c of my trunk shape and hue of hair, the 'jota' in my last name, etc. i wore a long black skirt and have not since. NOT OK LAKEWOOD ELEMENTARY SCHOOL. my point being that for as long as i can remember acting/performing/showing my self has been the last thing i wanted to do - next to chewing broken glass. one year i played the butt of a horse with my good friend erin in the school's production of 'punch+judy' - someone has that VHS in modesto, califas, and when it hurts i know someone is going to post it on the fucking internetz. the time i had to be FDR for a school report was no good either, ditto the time i had to be isadora duncan in the 1st person. whatever, different strokes. acting is like any art - high/low, it can be the most riveting and poignant or the exact opposite...

anyhow, a couple of months ago (weeks?!) i met matty in greenpoint, in a maze of a loft, where mtv was shooting on the set of "I Just Want My Pants Back". i came at sunset and got lost on various floors of the massive set. matty left me to my own devices and i hid in various corners with a 28mm while the director + actors + designers + stylists + lighting dudes + producer + writer worked out the intricacies of the scene. in this scene, the blonde arrives to where two other characters are 'chilling' on a couch. she has just had a rigorous if not unsuccessful day of apartment hunting. mcKibbin has some vacancies, no? but to have yelled that on set would have broken the 5th wall of TV production, so i held my tongue and got good grain instead. thanks to matty @MTV for the chance to triple confirm how bad of an actor i would make after witnessing this shoot.

above: writers amending the script outside, cast members between scenes, set still life, baberham reapplying maquillaje, headshots, outfit check/stylist, big primpin', cast on couch/photographer backed into a corner with a 28mm, off-set, cellie checks

how to get your pants back: i just want my pants back, website offish

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