14 November 2011

broadway, 37 (snow shift)

i linger on this corner here in the hopes of seeing those 1 to 2 men i've met who tend to these little corner gardens along broadway, that somehow survive underneath the roaring j, m, and z trains. if you walk down broadway long enough and you decide to make a phone call, you will have to pause every 5-7 minutes for the train to pass overhead, because no one is catching up about SHIT under the j, m, and z trains. i do this every week and every week i get mad at the train that has just kindly delivered me to my temporary place of residence. i see now that i get 'mad' because i am in a rush, everywhere, always...there are accounted for minutes in my life, most of the goddamn time. when my doctor told me this, that i have a 'rushed demeanor' about me, i said, well isn't that just new york? and it is not, as a matter of fact...that i linger turns out to the be the right move, and the noise overhead and around me on this and other stretches of space, is just that. all sorts of noise, enraging or otherwise.

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