13 November 2011

broadway, 36 (adios mamita)

in truth i've had less nicknames than i would have thought; mamita being everyone's nickname, actually. i realize that i should probably call things and people by their real names, and i certainly do, but my tendency has something to do with Pop and in general how Colombians might enjoy saying "fe-ca" instead of "café." it doesn't matter. i got in trouble once at a temporary place of employment, in sf, early 2007, for nicknaming a supervisor. what i thought was to be a gilded job!@!@ full of "tasks" and "duties" (she took me out to a fancy greek restaurant to woo me - worked) was in fact, not gilded, greek, or dutiful. there were tasks, though. it was at this job i found out that no one in my immediate circle had an annoying voice; to the point of noticing it, i mean. i learned here that there are many professional lines to be drawn at places of employment between girls who all wear black slacks and answer the same phones and their superiors by 2 years, who do the same. it turns out i am a sucker for females around my age with latino last names; but my saudade for that sort of thing has had a few ugly reality checks, so now i don't judge people by apellido...shortly after i made a transition to another temporary job on market street, and had the famous encounter with dina christopher, that monster who once picked snickers bar chocolate (and caramel) out of her teeth with an acrylic pointer fingernail and then touched my computer screen with that same acrylic nail to make a point, as if the screen were anything but a 4th wall of technology, not to be touched at all, ever. when that "job" ended (i was let go because of my attitude, superior i think it was) tater and i set up the dina christopher foundation in dina christopher's name, with a balance of 400 bucks. i think it was the last time tater ever needed to borrow money from me. we called it the dina christopher foundation because that was her fucking name. so i guess i take it back, mamita is not for everyone; careful with that.

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