23 April 2009

behind every good elmo is a good man

...elmo has a face. here it is. so does bugs bunny, or doesssssssssssssssss he? for 6 months i've seen elmo handing out pamphlets in times square. last week i saw the man behind the elmo mask getting ready for work. bugs bunny was nice, too, but felt he was less photogenic, and stayed out of the frame as such...

today i realized i take photos of people in serious service, 'service' positions (nannies / bussboys / elmos) because it is my ultimate fear--fear--that i am not the princess i always thought i was (treated as / within our means / somehow / money comes...) and that someday (tomorrow) i will have to work very, very, very, very, very hard for something that i want monetarily and personally...i want to be proud about what i'm doing! but that is a luxury, of course. i'm sure a lot of people working in midtown, for starters, wish they had a mask / costume to jump into when they arrived at work in the morning...as a title often doesn't mean shit about the man, or the woman.

wanting and waiting is a dubious combo. i'm dumping both tonight.

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