13 April 2009

Pops Rides The Train / Uncombs Braids

I wanted this picture so badly that I was afraid to ask, for fear that the answer would be no. Because of that, I received 2 tolerable albeit unclear / distant frames of this wonderful (to me) father, sitting on the train, shouldering three sleeping babies, and untangling his daughter's braids with a fine white comb. He never looked up from under his baseball hat. He was in one of those states that is actually a pleasure to be in on the train sometimes: comfortable, meditative, safe, unconcerned. Anyway, that pretty much sums up a lot of my experiences in life, for the worse...being afraid to ask (i.e., try / show / say) for fear of the NO (rejection / criticism / honesty) and thus you get SOMETHING...but maybe you could have gotten something BETTER or nothing at all...and you would have learned or grown because of that...

does that make sense? it does to me.

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