12 April 2009

the clock as map

chunky furniture around these parts. the fort greene tower (clock tower) has become my half dome of brooklyn...if i get out of the subway disoriented i look for this clock, it's the tallest thing about the skyline, most of the time...now, this, of course, only works within a few specific miles of brooklyn, and by this point i have - more or less - figured out how to get to point B, but i still consider the clock my half dome...that ridiculous monolith that never, ever, ever, ever moves...i (proudly) climbed that slab of piedra over the course of 12 hours the summer of 2001. at the top i found, as you might expect 4,737 feet above the valley floor of yosemite, an appreciation for breath, that is breathing, breathing life...as well as a whole new list of TO-DO's and promises that i often make to myself about body, pride, hearts, family and the here and now... if you can see it, you can get there. i haven't been back to yosemite since that summer because i got so sick of seeing that rock every time i stepped out of my tent...it never changes, just the light over it does.

(pay no mind to the streak of whatever down the middle of the blue...duane reade's photography department did that on purpose...i requested the "scanned from a glossy print from a disposable camera taken in the 1990s" look, so that is exactly what duane reade gave me)

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