21 May 2011

gemini supreme (5/21)

it was cold that christmas. look at tiny pop on the beach; he is larger in my day to day thoughts, i think. two years sometimes feel like 5, or 10, or continents, or childhood versus adulthood, it's hard to span it, from this particular dock, all the time. it is. i accept it like i accept facts. facts are as cold and jagged as rocks, or brick walls, or as dense or untouchable as black holes. cruel. we try to extend our hearts as bridges and as infinite as we claim these things to be, sometimes we come up short. i come up short. the heart is a stone, and this is a stone that we throw; chloe's best friend said that. unfortunately this stone stays here, with me. it may not have wings, as i once thought.

happy birthday super gemini. i'm glad you're biking these days. another visual for me on which to fixate. i'll try to water this image, as i have all of the others.


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