18 May 2011

bullshit detector / unicorn shoes

look what matty made!!!! in real life it's actually a moving picture. pause. shit makes me happy: smatthew. please note the McQueen, famed Armadillo shoes (i count four) placed upon the uni...i saw the mcQueen exhibit last friday. kate moss as a hologram made me wish i was a seahorse (if that makes any sense), and his designs made me realize he was not abusing his models, at all. he was using them to showcase his singular vision. it worked. that same friday i also saw some bullshit art in chelsea (how dare you!) and some not bullshit art (a room full of white paper turned into artillery...). seeing bullshit art makes me realize i am a sincere person who takes bullshit personally. what isn't personal? that's what i'm giving. i also delivered our zine to dashwood books on bond street. "why not," he said, "why not...." WHY NOT INDEED, YOU BEAST! i am grateful and happier about this mini triumph than i have been in a while. validation is an amazing thing. many thanks to the guardian angel MiWa, who whispered to me "he will take your magazine," while paul graham signed books, next to vince aletti and crew. (his new book seems to be in the manner of this fad to crop/zoom/real real real close/to the thing and to make it disconnected, from the original image...knowhwhatimean?)(in this case it has to do with film)(i should stop here). getting a little zine into dashwood does not mean we will live next to ryan mcginley's $450 zine, but it means something.

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