28 May 2011

so long

i just spent 45ish minutes trying to write about this particular tree that i sat with a few saturdays ago, but nothing. there is no story to be made of it. this theme (roots, blossoms, fruit, branches that caress cheeks with bright green leaves, etc.) is deaded. when i sat with it last it was sunset (i swear), and that cast of beautiful orange-red was on us, but it was not a postcard situation; nothing i know has to do with vacation. we sat in silence mostly because we have lost the thread, yes...my options were two and i wanted neither. i upped, cold and delirious. the tree stayed, with its fixed p.o.v., holding a sign that read "sos" in loud, colorful print. in my dreams, however, i see it mobile and wild before me, accelerating aggressively south towards the bridge, on ancient legs that only pedal forward, moving with a seed's lucky speed, the virgin's blessing tucked hastily into back pockets, saying au revoir, au revoir, au revoir! ! !

it feels like a eucalyptus grove inside my chest.

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