24 May 2011

marble shark / richard serra

the r. serra show at the met took up about 4 townhouses and a few Los Angeles houses worth of real estate. maybe there was more than one canvas per wall, two next to each other, say, but in general, the shapes were circles and squares against tall, white walls. the hue: black. the feeling: heavy. the movement: fuck if i know. the point: boil it all down. i'm on top of this. nothing really matters. i found the answer. black is the new black. etc. etc...(open to interpretation). i needed assistance with this one so i asked the guard. his name was the male version of my favorite female name, appolonia (or maybe it was just her face i loved?). he was from honduras; looked cuban. apolonio martinez told me he'd sat in front of serra long enough to gather that what was happening was that the white, from behind, from elsewhere, was always trying to get through, and that serra's response was YOU! (government, forces that be, etc.) are always trying to cover up my art BUT I PUSH THROUGH. 'namean? above serra is my marble shark. my room has turned into a prop closet as of late...of fake flowers, fabrics, a tiger, mirrors, marbles, construction paper...it's good! i think it's good. it's like when i was at the nueva school in hillsborough chasing deer and getting lost with dagan, writing stories about diving boards in cali, pursuing my actual interests, and not worrying about long division. that's the spot i am rekindling. i have comical moments with myself. in the room. sort of a serious-clown show; hasn't it always been that way? these moments are 'hilarious' if you're with friends and 'funny' if you're telling a story, but comical if you are alone, solo dove styles...like the one time i stayed in a 2 bedroom shack-hostel in ladrilleros, colombia, by myself, wrapped in a sheet, on the bottom floor, on a bed by the window, in 103 humidity, listening to a bat fly from corner to corner over me every few minutes. i tried to scare it. there was no electricity. comedy. you really didn't have to be there.

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