25 May 2011

My Good Side (Right, Left Side, + Fro)

Left Eye Lopez is kinda cute, as I had always SUSPECTED. No no no, me whole, me whole. I learned of these two sides a long time ago. Not much you can do there. I know that when I'm 80-100 years old these sides will be magnified, as much is when you're older (and the opposite); it's gonna be a shit show. They draw the fish sign as two fishes swimming in opposite directions b/c that is what much of life feels like, pulls upward and downward, polar opposites, yes/no, black/white, ecstatic/devastated, social butterfly/callejera, respectful/anti, etc. They say the two fishes are earnest and magical, fiercely loyal and trustworthy, good listeners, thoughtful. There are two I guess because when one gets tired of over-extending the other fish lifts a big middle finger and goes in the opposite direction; a flash in the pan, mercurial, silver, gone. I know a few people with perfectly symmetrical faces. It means the lens likes them; possessing less disturbing dimensions, etc. I could never cut cookies, no this couldn't...

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