01 June 2011

for ol' green eyes

the only note i can't hit (ahem) is "overlover." really. this is not the usual over-the-bridge-humm-number but it went so, today. you're welcome, new york city...this here's a 2-parter; she's not simple. not as long as i can remember - although it certainly didn't all register, when we bought her cd in 1994. ms. BaDu was out the gates special. she can be insecure, she can be 20 feet fall, too. she can be proud, demeaning. she can be jealous, she can be up or over, insanely under, and unbelievably vulnerable, most often where love is concerned. surprisingly so, for such a grand, magnetic persona...stars flicker, though, don't they? when she proclaims insecurity, tears, uncertainty, jealousy, despair, she is usually doing so for herself. and then her voice goes, and this part of her disappears. and that there's the great unraveling. it's what makes her supreme - she has nothing to hide.

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